Casio G-Shock Atomic Sky Cockpit GW-A1100-1AJF Watch

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In short:

The Casio G-Shock Atomic Sky Cockpit GW-A1100-1AJF Watch is not about just delivering an impression. It has been built to assist real pilots in real flights. A flying instrument per se, it makes use of the aviation techniques every bit. It provides all the aviation data that you may need, even amidst the worst of visibility conditions.

Taking off with the details:

The Casio G-Shock Atomic Sky Cockpit GW-A1100-1AJF Watch blows every other aviation watches around in terms of features and design! It is a piece where steel and resin not only cohabit but complement each other to bring out the best from the other. The resin band and case makes it light, sturdy and very comfortable to wear. Also, resin provides a very firm grip on the wrist.

The watch face comes with very big markings, which make it a whole lot easier to read at a glance. Though they make the watch appear complicated, it is completely the opposite once you go through the manual. The settings and controls are simple to operate and that’s because there are no useless features in the Casio G-Shock Atomic Sky Cockpit GW-A1100-1AJF Watch.

The shiny black-chrome and red on the face of the Casio G-Shock Atomic Sky Cockpit GW-A1100-1AJF Watch keeps it from getting too flashy, while its great design touches bring the watch a very distinct look. The buttons are all protected with button guards, which prevent you from accidentally starting and stopping the functions.

Whether you are a pilot or not, you’ll simply love the compass feature of the Casio G-Shock Atomic Sky Cockpit GW-A1100-1AJF Watch. It functions as an on-board back-up in the cockpit and the main instrument for finding directions in all other cases. It just takes the press of a button to engage it.

The atomic time and date updates (including the auto DST) never fail for the Casio Oceanus Atomic GW-A1100-1AJF Watch and shifting between the time zones is intuitive, precise and smooth, at worst. The other essential features like the stopwatch and countdown timer also work great and really helpful when you need to keep track of time to its most infinitesimal detail. These two have a lot of wow factor in them; the fast sweep of the seconds-hand for the first 30 seconds and the minutes-hand taking up afterwards. As for the countdown timer, the seconds-hand sweeps backwards. The solar power helps you to use all the features as much you like, for any number of times. There’s no fear of the battery running dry, still, it comes with a Power Saving feature.

However, the Casio G-Shock Tough Solar GW-A1100-1AJF Watch doesn’t give out hourly chimes, which keeps distractions away when a pilot is flying. As for the luminescence, the NeoBrite is great though not for all night long. But it does have an alarm, which is enough to wake you up from your afternoon siesta.

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