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Seiko 5 Mens Automatic 100M SNZG15K1 SNZG15 Sports WatchCitizen is a brand that never loses its lustre, whatever product they might introduce to the market. Every time, they just get better and it’s their innovation that speaks. This is the reason they do not have to try tapping too hard into demographics spanning over varied age groups; their strength as a strong watch company thus remains unperturbed.

Among Citizen’s high-quality timepieces, the Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar watches are perhaps the most popular due to their hassle free nature and ease of maintenance – better call it zero maintenance. The Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar BL5483-55E Mens Watch falls in the same line. Despite its functional aspects, it is a simple watch that’s easy to setup and fulfils the criteria of standing up as a dress watch for its gold-tone finish. Its illumination factor is much better and as a whole, very easy to use and operate. Unlike other perpetual calendar pieces, it troubles you less – in the sense, you do not need to go through a whole lot of procedures to get it working according to your preference. It, therefore, makes a great buy for anyone eyeing solar timepieces with substantial technicalities camouflaged within a dress appeal.

The Citizen Eco Drive Military Calendar BL5483-55E Mens Watch takes things up by several notches with its dramatic dress-sports look and fuses style and function within a single form. Forget your worries to adjust for odd dates and leap years; it has been built to keep track of all that till the year 2100. Additionally, contrary to normal chronographs at this price range, it can split seconds to their 1/20th parts and can measure up to 60 minutes.

You don’t need to look hard into the dial of the Citizen Eco-Drive Scuba Perpetual Calendar BL5483-55E Mens Watch to find out the interplay between creativity and technicality. Neither clarity; unlike so many other watches sporting analog dials. It is the least complex also regarding its layout design, which makes its operations a breeze, which is a freedom from carrying around a large sheet of paper. It is more than easy to get a hang of it and the sub-dials have a distinct part to play in that. They clearly indicate what you’re doing.

A quick run-down at the dial shall reveal a 24 hour indicator (at 10’0 clock), a chrono split-seconds (at 2 o’clock) which doubles up as the charge level indicator when not engaged and the mode-selection dial (at 6 o’clock). The last one allows you to choose your dual-time setting, normal timekeeping, Citizen Eco-Drive Aviator function and alarm modes. The caliber E820 movement is Citizen’s bread and butter among the non-atomic calibres and that makes things turn petty glossy from the insides. Now, we call that maintaining parity.
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Seiko 5 Mens Automatic 100M SNZG15K1 SNZG15 Sports WatchThere’s a crowd that carefully stays away from flashy and gimmicky watches. These are the people who adore the classic look, yet want it to double up as a great daily wear. These are the people who place comfort in wearing in high regards and a size that doesn’t seem awkward when placed against medium to thin wrists. For them, the Seiko 5 men’s automatic 100m SNZG15KI Sports watch holds a striking appropriateness and a very pertinent choice.

Seiko’s legendary lume accompanies the SNZG15KI Sports watch as well; its hands and hour markers glow in the dark quite strongly even after a brief exposure to sunlight; if it is exposed to sunlight all day, it will last through the night. Despite being a Seiko 5 that’s made in Malaysia (the K1 says that), it is no way different than a Japan-made Seiko 5 Mens Watch, from the lume to the movement and everything in between. The master craftsmen at Seiko are all the same, wherever they are.

From its other aspects also, it is a cutting-edge timepiece that exudes a masculine appeal. The black analog dial is perfectly matched to the black canvas band, bringing a style that adds a stroke of difference to your existing watch collection. It’s large at 42mm, but not awfully large and not by any means it appears massive, due to the carefully designed flieger-styled dial, which gives it the appearance of a 40mm. Aptly matched with 22mm lugs, it brings an assuring hefty look and feel. That grants it a free access from the playground to the business banquets.

The movement of the Seiko 5 200m Automatic is a 23 jewel 7S36 that also displays the day and the date. But it’s not an insta-date, which means, it doesn’t jump from one date to another but changes slowly around midnight. The day has two display options; either in English or in Spanish, which also changes with the date.

The 100m water resistance frees you from the worries of taking it off whenever you are planning to get your hands dirty or going for a quick dip into the pool. Of course, you cannot dive with it; that’s because of a lack of a screw-in crown. But the level of WR provided is more than good for everyday usage.

Coming to the dial, it is one of the most well thought out designs you’ll ever come across. On the outside, their are 12-hour markings, while the inner circle exhibits the 24-hours type (13 to 24) in European style. This brings a military/aviation look to the Seiko 5 Automatic Diver 100m SNZG15KI Sports watch. Covering it is a hardlex crystal that’s very hard to scratch.

Overall, you’ll be very satisfied to get the Japanese quality at a Malaysian price, more so, for it keeps better time than watches that might even cost 3-times more.
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