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Diesel Double Down GoldDiesel is never into following trends. It creates and crosses barriers of boldness, rebellion and uttermost blatancies, yet distinctive due to its unique appeal. Diesel is in a constant move forward on the style avenue. With Diesel, it’s not timepieces but timeframes they create. A reflection of confidence, its assertive nature rings out large, loud and clear.

Look no further for an awesome big gold watch and never be afraid of colours again. The Diesel Double-Down Gold Dial Stainless Steel DZ4268 goes swerving against some of the rules of casual watch designing. It prefers to blaze new grounds. The Double-Down Series is an invitation to rich, sumptuous living with constructive alternative thoughts. That’s the rebellion it drips from its style and construction. It’s all quality, recognizable from across the room.

It’s a bold dial with bold graphics, an unmistakably Diesel syndrome. It’s oversized and crafts a combination of rich and unique materials, textures and finish that has just one word for it – Awesome!

The Diesel Double-Down Gold Dial Stainless Steel DZ4268 is a big watch that looks incredible. The shade of gold is somewhere between burnt and bright which looks just fantastic. Despite the oversized, aeronautic-inspired numerals, it is subtle, which enhances its bold look all the more and win the fashion race. It’s a classic Diesel watch that strikes gold with its style. The brushed gold IP finish on stainless steel is a quality hard to find at this price range.

It’s a Japanese quartz movement inside and is a reliable one. It does its job well. Everything about this watch exudes quality, from the build to the materials to the finish. The clean and simple face and the chunky feel is a different mix altogether. Since it’s not as large as some of the other Diesel watches, the heft is well-felt. It assures you of its presence with it, not tie you down.

The Diesel Double-Down Gold Dial Stainless Steel DZ4268 watch is a great go with casual clothes, slightly greater with classy-casuals and absolutely wonderful with a wide variety of ethnic clothes, making it ideal for the weddings, family get-togethers or other cultural occasions. It’s not the kind that will go with the typical simple and clean business wear, but you can of course add a splash of trendiness with it on your Friday dressing. If you are an active person, take it to the max of a shower and a swim/dip in the pool/water park. It is not meant for professional activity.

The Diesel Mini Daddy Gold Dial Stainless Steel DZ4268 men’s watch is a great looking piece from a brand well-known in the world of fashion. It will keep company as long as you are not late with the battery change and a service.
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Armani Exchange Rose GoldFashionable, large watches are not scarce but none is as stripped down as the Armani Exchange Rose Gold Black Dial Leather Strap AX2129 Mens Watch. It makes the watch special and brings a fresh change to the oversized chronograph and dive watch madness. You don’t need helium valves for a city-wear, get it. You also can’t use sub-dials all the time. So, the Armani Exchange Rose Gold Black Dial Leather Strap AX2129 Mens Watch adheres to Armani’s practical design ethics. Sublime simplicity in a sparse layout of a black/gold motif creates a forward-looking watch that does more than just focusing on time. It puts forth no unnecessary information hindering clarity.

Urban culture, modern music and global style trends together inspire a design for the fashion conscious. A part of Emporio Armani, Armani Exchange is all about style within practical limits. That’s why the bold lines, the classic gold/black colour combo and a flaunty finish.

Armani Exchange stems from the primary Armani line launched in US (1991) for the younger crowd. Their focus was on creating moderately priced wearable with supreme levels of quality. The outlook reflects from the Armani Exchange watch line as well and Armani Exchange opened a new path of looks, performance and comfort in the fashion realm.

This is one of the reasons that made Armani a fashion icon worldwide. Currently a standard in the fashion industry, the Armani Exchange Rose Gold Black Dial Leather Strap AX2129 Mens Watch adds quite a bit of panache to your wardrobe choices. Look no further, Armani Exchange offers a plainly and simplistic style that’s going to outlive trends.

This modern classic was a part of the Autumn/Winter 2013 updated collection and represents the young heritage of A|X by designing in the lines of most sought after classic timepieces. It looks great when you wear and you simply buy another if something happens to it.

The Armani Exchange Rose Gold Black Dial Leather Strap AX2129 Mens Watch focuses on the 30-ish and above crowd. It’s provocative, contemporary street-chic appeal is a sign of exclusive lifestyles adoring supreme levels of quality, attitude and performance. A very professional, yet very dressy and uniquely designed, the Armani Exchange Mens Watches comes at a price that’s manageable.

The Armani Exchange Rose Gold Black Dial Leather Strap AX2129 Mens Watch gives the wearer a very clean and a very professional look. It’s the kind you need to look everyday at your office. It matches all light/dark shades you can think of wearing to look chic, modern and minimalist. Dress-down in a pair of dark jeans or dress-up with dark blazers or suits, the strong construction of the Armani Exchange Rose Gold Black Dial Leather Strap AX2129 Mens Watch, its subtle face-design and lush leather strap is going to go a long way.
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