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Omega Constellation Co-Axial Chronometer Men's WatchClassic design meets modern materials in the Omega Constellation Co-Axial Chronometer Men's Watch, bringing a fabulous ‘everyday-use’ look to the wrist for all your white-collar jobs and soirées.

The all-steel Omega Constellation Co-Axial Chronometer Men's Watch is a more classically-inclined Constellation, the name being a part of the Omega family for almost seven decades. Dramatic, enduring and endearing, the <strong>Constellation</strong>’s design concept is characterized by the claw-like holder along the case side, followed by a striking silver dial, making it an ideal piece both for work and enjoyment at high places.

The real appeal of the Omega Constellation Co-Axial Chronometer Men's Watch has a case and a bracelet design that work together in a unified manner. This particular model mixes early 80s design with a classic-styled dial and leverages the DNA of the collection further.

Powered by the OMEGA Co-Axial calibre 8500 mechanical, automatic movement, the Omega Constellation Co-Axial Chronometer Men's Watch is an exquisite timepiece is presented in stainless steel, including the bezel and the bracelet.

This Omega proposition is highly influenced by the Omega Constellation Manhattan; its iconic case-claws, the single-piece, tapering bracelet and the ring of Roman numeral hours on the bezel are the major parts of the distinct Omega Seamaster Professional Diver Co-Axial Chronometer Men's Watch aesthetics. The other Manhattan aesthetics are in lesser contrast than these and with the calibre 8500, this Omega Constellation answers back to Rolex. The in-house movement is pretty nice; introduced in the 2007 De Ville Hour Vision.

The Co-Axial escapement was originally born in the hands of George Daniels, an English watchmakerwho sold it to Omega and after years of tweaks, they get you this lubrication-free form of a mechanical escapement that runs free with no oil to dry up. It means longer service intervals plus a tiny drop of lubricant each time. The adding of the silicon balance-spring is the most important tweak it received, then the two barrels that wind full to run 60 hours straight. That’s without flinching from precision. Fellow watchmakers like Patek and Rolex also adapted to it. Magnetism and altering temperatures do not affect silicon, always attains to the perfect form; it has already been regarded as the greatest thing in mechanical watch-making since hairspring was invented. Omega christens it Si14 and it certifies – along with 100 meters of water-resistance and the thick case - that the Constellation is not a typically wimpy, dress watch. It fills the gap between sports and dressy, with two barrels that wind full to run 60 hours straight, without flinching from precision. It makes the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Master Chronometer Men's Watch fit to be worn regularly, the dress/sport hybrid design gives it a pretty good legibility and places it amidst other iconic watches.

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Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford Quartz DW00100001 (0101DW) Men's WatchBeautifully designed and elegantly minimal, the Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford Quartz DW00100001 (0101DW) Men's Watch is a sophisticated piece of art with a no-fuss classic look that captures your fancy without even trying this bit.

Loyalists, for sure, will unanimously agree that the Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford Quartz DW00100001 (0101DW) Men's Watch nails the classic minimalist look. It’s very near to the vintage charm; the bit it loses is for staying with the present day perceptions of a good, everyday dressing sense. The typical vintage looks of the Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford Quartz DW00100001 (0101DW) Men's Watch go well only with strict formals, which we are not so accustomed to these days.

The Daniel Wellington Classic Quartz DW00100001 (0101DW) Men's Watch got a few style elements that bring it its minimalist look. The round shape, an egg-shell white background, slim metal encasings and a little-dark, gold finish with slim, stick-figure hour-markers and proportionately narrow watch hands - all share similar stylistic philosophy. The chief advantage is it can be mixed and matched with a vast range of differently styled straps suiting to different occasions.

The usual argument you can make in favour of the Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol Quartz DW00100001 (0101DW) Men's Watch is - It looks relatively expensive without having to be. It doesn’t burn a hole through your pocket despite the sleekness. The narrow strap brings in a classic timeless look. Backed by the moderate price, it has become a craze enough to sell in large numbers all over the world.

The classic and aesthetically pleasing Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford Quartz DW00100001 (0101DW) Men's Watch timepiece gets a great attention to details. Like the rest of the Classic collection, its clean lines and simple design fit the modern gentlemen both when they are dressed up or dressed down and stands out amidst any crowd. At a 6mm thickness, it goes anywhere, from formal events to the tennis court. Whether you are enjoying a sunny day or sitting by the bonfire at the country club, the Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford Quartz DW00100001 (0101DW) Men's Watch proves to be a beautiful companion at every place. And that’s without even considering the interchangeable straps making it unique.

About Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington is not the founder of DW. It is Filip Tysander. Daniel Wellington is whom he met in Australia.  Then a stranger, his sense of style and his fascination with NATO straps moved Filip and he realised NATOS-s are the perfect, versatile fashion accessory. He named the brand after a man from the British Isles. They manufacture in Asia and assemble in Sweden while sourcing the internal quartz mechanisms from Japanese manufacturers.  They maintain precision in every aspect, not just in keeping time.
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