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Invicta I-Force Quartz Chronograph 20138 Men’s WatchIt is quite surprising that this beauty is here for less than a hundred and fifty bucks!  The ‘I-Force’ series is about an underlying, controlled boldness that prevents overdoing the good aesthetics. From its size to its performance and design, everything compels to pick the Invicta I-Force Quartz Chronograph 20138 Men’s Watch out of the various versions available.

The Invicta I-Force Quartz Chronograph 20138 Men’s Watch is an extremely pleasing choice for those with a fetish for shining and gorgeous, dark-colored dials. Gold and blue tie well together with a brown leather strap and red accents with details abound! The red numberings below the Arabic numerals tell the 24-hour equivalents of the approaching hours. The white borders of the sub-dials create a sharp contrast to the dark, glossy background. The circular window on the regular seconds-hand and golden outlines to everything that need to look sharp. Tachymeter indications around the chapter ring makes things further interesting by adding depth to the dial. The Invicta lettering engraved on the side of the case is deep and well-cut, with straight, sharp edges. The green lume glows bright, though not for very long. Maybe a few hours - at the most!

For Invicta fans, the Invicta I-Force Quartz Chronograph 20138 Men’s Watch is an easy watch to fall in love with; others will own it for its quality build and materials within the affordable limits. Those who wish to branch-out a little further than your usual work and dress watch, the Invicta I-Force Quartz Chronograph 20138 Men’s Watch is a high-end timepiece to own.

The Invicta I-Force Men’s Watch ran more accurate than its higher-ranked cousins in some cases while very near to their higher-up cousins’ accuracies in others.  It is not meant to be used in water, so water resistance is not as high as a pro-grade Diver’s.  However, given the style and unique look, you'll be able to keep away from Swiss movements and sapphire crystals for some more time, especially when a low budget is the concern.

What Invicta says here is this is the military/aviator style for lefties and this is where it really rules! The Invicta I-Force Quartz Chronograph 20138 Men’s Watch showcases a distinct watch style that many big brands overlooked. For righties, it is an exclusive piece that clearly shows the distinction.


Still, the Invicta Subaqua Chronograph Men’s Watch is among the budget kinds; a real gem within a most affordable line. The Invicta I-Force Quartz Chronograph 20138 Men’s Watch stands out as a top draw; the military/aviator look is something dollars alone can’t buy! The Invicta I-Force Quartz Chronograph 20138 Men’s Watch holds its own and will make you smile every time you’ll glance at it.
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It is no exaggerated statement that there is a Casio for every guy on the planet! A lot of models with a lot of functions; you get a vast choice out of which, at least one model is going to look good on you. With the introduction of the Casio Baby-G Analog Digital Women’s Watch, the same can be said about the gals out there.

The Casio Baby-G Analog Digital Women’s Watch reminds of how the ‘90s summers used to be. Fabulous and vibrant, the colors come alive with your tan and enhance the sportiness of every watch. They are functional when you need them to be; it’s not that the technology within always stares at your face.

The Casio Baby-G Analog Digital Women’s Watch makes for a good beater. They are hip, stylish and inexpensive enough to be replaced if lost. Despite their plastic build, no ordinary force is enough to break them.

Even women who only like to wear formal, elegant watches with dainty bracelets can pull-off a Casio Baby-G Analog Digital Women’s Watch with ease. It applies to all looks and ages and it’s really impressive the way Casio worked on the models to fit every wrist, purse and mindset.

A few traits are common with every Casio Baby-G Analog Digital Women’s Watch. The calendar, for example; it has been programmed to run without any human interference till the year 2099; plus the hand-adjustment function that adjusts for shocks and magnetic influences to maintain accuracy to the highest points. Stop watches and alarms are a staple for every Casio Baby-G Analog Digital Women’s Watch and the alarm doesn’t stop at just one.

The Casio Baby-G Analog Digital Women’s Watch is not like the G-Shock; it’s not as chunky or sits rather high on the wrist. The Casio Baby-G Analog Digital Women’s Watch doesn’t dominate your outfit or make a statement by hitting the eyes. However, amidst a plethora of Casio Watches models, let us pick a few that you are going to like the most.

• BA-110 series: This collection stands out with sporty sneaker colors. The designs are suited for casual fashions; the 3-dimensional faces always looking great.

• BA-110BC series: These bring together style and functionality in the most seamless manner and make these pieces worth of investing into. Precision engineering for the modern women, these Women’s Watch models complements the glamorous looks like no other. Stainless steel construction, its chic round dial and trendy resin straps are a recipe for hot dressing.

• BA-112 series: Street fashion in neon colors, the BA110 Series receives a facelift with these multicolored models. The layered construction results in a multi-dimensional design, with sizes that are just appropriate for the feminine wrists. Got plenty of eye-catching appeal.

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