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Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph AT2340-81A Men’s WatchA good way to go with watches is starting with the dial style. Clean yet stylish dials are not an everyday thing that you come by; so, if you are inclined more toward playfully formal clothing, the Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph AT2340-81A Men’s Watch shall make a substantial choice.

The Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph AT2340-81A Men’s Watch embraces minimalism in metered doses, creating a look that stands out. Equipped with an additional stopwatch feature, it has been built for use; the Eco-Drive mechanism ensuring power never to stand a barrier between usage and energy preservation.

The stopwatch feature enables the user to measure elapsed time and also inducts some tech-factor into the Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph AT2340-81A Men’s Watch. It takes the appearance of the early chronograph watches – the rounded case is a vital contributing factor. The rounded titanium case brings a smooth, unique touch to whatever outfit it is paired with.

The Eco-Drive movement is a high end quartz timekeeping mechanism with provisions for transforming light power into electrical charges. Additionally, it stores the charge in a rechargeable unit and can generate power from any light source. Artificial, natural to even tiny specks of lights and flickers, electricity is generated proportionally to the intensity of the light. And once charged, it can run for 9 months without further exposure to light. Usually, 30 minutes of everyday wearing in broad daylight is sufficient to keep it running for an indefinite period.

The Citizen Chronograph Watches are a well-put combination of price, design and features. Sure, it is not the last watch you'll ever buy, but a great one for the money and adds lot more personality to everyday clothing than most timepieces at this price. The lume might not be as strong as in diver watches, but for an urban use, it is more than sufficient. But, it is not a generic piece; the cool case design and a classically inspired, easy to read dial stays responsible. Lovers of rounded cases who value uninterrupted, flawless performance from an understated dial design are going to love the Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph AT2340-81A Men’s Watch, built in specially treated scratch-resistant titanium and topped with a scratch-proof sapphire glass.

Best characteristics of the Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph AT2340-81A Men’s Watch:

• Great value for the money.
• Attractive and rich in personality.
• Non-generic look.
• From a top, Japanese watchmaker.
• Unobtrusive, rounded case.
• Traditional appeal meets contemporary aesthetics.

Bottom line: The Citizen Aviator Eco-Drive Men’s Watch fits the bill when you are hunting for a good-looking, affordable, everyday watch with added functionalities. Citizen’s longstanding reputation of both reliability and personality manifests through this titanium piece, the material strength increased five times than that of ordinary titanium.
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