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Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Quartz H24551731 Men's WatchStory behind & beyond:

The 1961 movie Blue Hawaii featured the Ventura and 2015 now saw a much better interpretation of the Elvis watch through masterful application of recent technologies, bringing some major technical and material changes. Later on, the Hamilton Ventura had shown its face in MIB (Men in Black) and today, it’s more of a period-style watch rather than being just futuristic, exotic or sexy. It’s spacey, it is shield-y – and it will be so for maybe the more than the next 50 years.

The Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Quartz H24551731 Men's Watch is a distinct entrance to the New-Design era, creating rave reviews and earning hearty praises; particularly, from those with a knack for ultra-modern outfits. It is all about a spontaneous, soulful energy paying tribute to the King of R&R. A creation to honor Elvis at his 80th spring (Jan 8, 2015), the Ventura is an iconic, striking shield-shaped wonder in stainless steel that anchors in its origin of the time of pop-culture taking its shape.

Notable points:

β€’ The asymmetric, triangular shape making for an innovative silhouette.
β€’ Stunning, contemporary architecture.
β€’ An intricate detailing is an understatement.
β€’ Asymmetric attachment fixtures.
β€’ An eye-catching, large and steeply-sloped anti-reflective sapphire crystal!
β€’ Comfortably designed for prolonged wearing.
β€’ The Hamilton Ventura was worn by Elvis himself!

Little details make the difference:

The Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Quartz H24551731 Men's Watch stands at 44.6mm at its widest point. The black leather strap has a cleverly-integrated bracelet attached. Its unusually-shaped articulation points ensure a smooth flow to the vision. This takes Ventura very close to being something indescribable, which in turn, increases its value. The update, despite maintaining a greater bulk, appears subtler in many ways than its predecessors. It has strange crests and troughs that make it quite a piece of a wrist-sculpture.

The ETA F06.111 quartz movement of the Hamilton Mens Watches are also used in more expensive watches. It has 3 jewels the others alike in the ETA Trendline, which is a notch above the economy Fashionline movement series.

As for its face, there’s retro-design influence aplenty! Stylized hour markers (@ 6, 9 and 12) are chamfered to their shapes; the orange and black combination on the dial turns the Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Quartz H24551731 Men's Watch hot!

In praise of the Crown:

The crown is an exciting one. Its sloped sides are a stylistic choice no doubt, but its real purpose behind that conical shape facilitates wrist-movement without getting bitten. It adds to the iconic design and makes it an ageless, pop culture piece.

Bottom line: The Hamilton Ventura Automatic Men's Watch is for edgy, toy-lovin’ big boys with lots of hip-swinging swagger!
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Invicta Pro Diver Quartz 200M 16739 Mens WatchBefore buying:

It’s the thousand-buck finish and looks that make the Invicta Pro Diver Quartz 200M 16739 Mens Watch often mistaken for a more expensive timepiece. It soon becomes an everyday, versatile accessory you pair with suits as much as with the weekend polo, cargos, jeans and shorts. Very popular due to its vast range of usability and also its affordable pricing, you’ll never hesitate again going for the deep with your favorite piece on. Sure it doesn’t sport a screw down crown, but the simple push-down mechanism is capable enough to keep moisture out till 660 feet underneath.

Once bought…:

Quintessentially, the Invicta Pro Diver Quartz 200M 16739 Mens Watch is built for performance. Its durability and precision makes it ideal as an everyday wear; its classic elements showcased nicely within a modern envelope. Inside, there is a Japanese TMI PC32A Quartz movement.

The stainless steel case is plated in gold and houses a scalloped, unidirectional rotating bezel atop and an extremely unyielding mineral crystal glass within it. The bezel works as a countdown timer for anything that you might want to perform within set time-spans – from diving to tracking parking meter counts. The crown guards are integral to the case and bring quite a bit of a chunky feel.

For lume, Invicta uses Tritnite, which is present also in the Invicta Pro Diver Quartz 200M 16739 Mens Watch. marker. There’s also a magnified date window at 3:00. The stainless-steel bracelet is a three-link type with a deployant clasp; its safety catch offering a very secure fit. The etchings are precise and sharp and clearly visible from considerable distances.

Most-likeable points:

β€’ A bezel that stands out brilliantly. The deep blue and the gold go extremely well, bringing a luxury feel.
β€’ Hands and hour markers sumptuously coated in lume, the layerings smoothened to perfection for an even, steady and bright glow.
β€’ The PVD gold plating is immune against moderate abrasions and brine.
β€’ The mineral crystal glass, though a fairly common type, is a proprietary product from Invicta. Specially hardened to resist more than scratches and knocks, its shatter-resistance is better than many other mineral glasses.
β€’ The Japanese, Hattori PC32A quartz movement is a standard movement also used in Seikos. Reliable, accurate and dependable, it’s every bit praiseworthy.
β€’ Traditionally sized, the Invicta Watches timepiece is a popular choice among men who prefer a heavy-set but not so large look that might interfere with workplace attires.

Bottom line:

Forged with variations on boldness, the confident prowess of the Invicta Pro Diver 200M Mens Watch dazzles with plenty temptation for willful exhibitions at the slightest given chance.
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