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Orient Automatic Multi Year Calendar 100M FEU0700CFH Mens WatchThe Orient Automatic Multi Year Calendar 100M FEU0700CFH Mens Watch is one of those timepieces that are pretty close to being exotic. It puts an end to the days of fumbling over dates and days and the best part is, it sets itself to odd months and leap years till 2024! But that doesn’t mean it becomes obsolete or defunct from 2025. All you then need to is referring an actual calendar when setting the watch for the month.

The automatic date and time keeping across multiple years is not an exclusive feature. There are many that do it; however, when it comes to finding out a specific date or day in a specific year, there’s not another that presents the sequence like this, laid on a platter. The Orient Automatic Multi Year Calendar 100M FEU0700CFH Mens Watch brings you a very practical function in a watch than just telling the time and the date.

It’s been quite some time Orient got into making the multi-year type calendar watches. It is the signature-type pieces from Orient and this one comes with something extra - a slide rule.

The construction and finish of the Orient Automatic Multi Year Calendar 100M FEU0700CFH Mens Watch doesn’t require to be told. The shine and the fluid dynamics are all visible by themselves. The grooves on the crowns, the solidity of the pusher and the crown guard – all speak for themselves. It is still a mystery how Orient manages to keep things so well-done at such low prices!

The pusher at the 2 o’clock position sets the multi-year calendar. The crown at the 3 o’clock position screws-in and locks. You set the date and time with it, at the first-click and at the second-click positions, respectively. With the 4’o clock crown, you rotate the slide rule.

The seven vertical columns at the top of the dial show the months from January to December. The columns got a year disc shat shows from 2003 to 2024. The calendar is set by pressing the pusher at the 2 o’clock. The last two digits of the year are set first and then aligned to the column with the name of the month you want. Leap years are printed in red.

The bottom part of the dial shows another seven columns, containing the dates from 1st to 31st. The arrangement is more like standard calendars. The days-disk is at the top of the columns. Pressing the pusher rotates both the year and day discs.

Some might call the Orient Automatic Open Heart Calendar 100M FEU0700CFH Mens Watch featuring a rather busy-looking dial, but at 44mm, it doesn’t overfill. It has a fully inhouse-built automatic movement with a sapphire crystal – the two most-sought features in the watch-world. The screw-down crown and case back are another two, plus, it is safe to take it down to more than 250 feet under water.

Whoever searching for an exotic automatic watch with useful functions should own the Orient Automatic Flight Multi Year Calendar 100M FEU0700CFH Mens Watch. It comes at a very compelling price-to-feature ratio and is definitely a different addition to any old watch box.

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Tissot Sea Touch T026.420.11.031.00 Mens WatchThis member of Tissot’s aquatic Touch collection is a well built and robust watch with pleasant tricks up it sleeves. A very impressive combination of conventional pushbuttons and touch-screen functionalities, though not the way you tap smartphones.

Don’t compare the Tissot Sea Touch T026.420.11.031.00 Mens Watch with an iPhone. It doesn’t work that way; it’s no computer screen and icons business. You’ll find clearly marked areas meant for touching around. They are laid along the fringe of the dial and also in the centre that you use to change watch modes and call upon the menu system. But the screen itself is so unmarked! For the touch sensors are somehow invisible. You can switch the touch functionalities on or off at will.

It’s also very un-gimmicky! It’s remarkably restrained, with functional practicality speaking from its every curve and contour. The designers impress with the capability of the Tissot Sea Touch T026.420.11.031.00 Mens Watch than with lights, fanfares, bells and whistles and actually obscuring limited functionalities.

The Tissot Sea Touch T026.420.11.031.00 Mens Watch can never be really used in recreational water sports. To test its full capacity, you need to go pro. This is a dive instrument to be used for serious underwater activities and fairly harsh land adventures. It’s not just a lifestyle item, though being quite attractive to look at.

The Tissot Sea Touch T026.420.11.031.00 Mens Watch positions itself well between electronic diving computers and sophisticated Swiss watch making. It’s a different way Tissot tempts even hardcore mechanical fans.

There’s the pusher to activate the sapphire crystal. It gives you access to certain features. Press the various parts of the dial. And a bona-fide gadget watch becomes a serious, yet cool toy.

The Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar T026.420.11.031.00 Mens Watch also happens to be the first diving version of the T-Touch collection, launched back in 2009. The Sea-Touch has the size and style! The sober black and white exudes a masculine look with the correct tech and town mix. It gives the Tissot Sea Touch T026.420.11.031.00 Mens Watch access to non-diving contexts. It won’t be looked at strangely. For Tissot used its strict Swiss sense of style and design at its very base before incorporating all the functionality. That’s why, you can wear it even with light formals, despite its ‘sports’ sorting.

The dial design is really sharp. The hands stick out nicely without looking like eyesores. They didn’t sacrifice beauty for the sake of being read-easy. Broad hands that are easy to see in murky, low light conditions often get ugly and obtrusive; that’s not the case here.

From a function perspective, The Swiss ETA 48.301 quartz movement combines an analog dial with a LCD screen, operated through three rubber coated pushers. It also makes use of the receptive sapphire crystal. The LCD shows time in a second time-zone, a perpetual calendar; allows you to set alarm, run the chronograph, show temperature, direction, dive time and depth; besides you’ll also get to log functions.

The Tissot T-Touch Titanium T026.420.11.031.00 Mens Watch abides by European EN 13319 diving watch norms. It qualifies for legibility, water resistance, anti-magnetism, shock resistance and durability, among other properties. The 600feet plus water resistance is useless if you can’t take it that deep!
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The Citizen Chronograph AN3400-58E AN3400-58 Mens Watch is one of those watches that spoilt men by offering much for less and totally overlook the more expensive chronograph timepieces altogether. Hadn’t it been for the replaceable battery power source, this would have been as much favoured by the hardcore gadget-lovers as it is to the casual watch-wearer.

The real beauty of the Citizen Chronograph AN3400-58E AN3400-58 Mens Watch is in its simplicity. Instead of loading it with heaps of functions, Citizen thought of just sticking to the basics of counting time in simple splits and so, this chronograph was born. It’s an appropriate choice for them who are not into speed but needs a stopwatch just for the sake of it or to count time for events that need to count time; to better their performance over something or just for the sake of it. This is not about any kind of haute horology experience but just a regular wear for someone leading a busy and hectic urban life.

The Citizen Chronograph AN3400-58E AN3400-58 Mens Watch doesn’t want to push boundaries further and further. Keeping the quartz-based movement battery powered allowed Citizen to maintain a low price while keeping the overall quality at par with their higher end Eco-Drive watches. It is wonderfully straight forward, supremely easy on maintenance and blends in with your regular work-wear, especially due to the shade-changing grey dial under bright lights. It is not absolutely stunning, fashionable or even eye-catching; its vividness is in its humble looks. The Citizen Chronograph AN3400-58E AN3400-58 Mens Watch adds totality to your entire attire and ensures that you appear well-dressed overall.

The Citizen Chronograph AN3400-58E AN3400-58 Mens Watch plays the magic of getting everything together covertly in a very artful way. There are glimpses of exclusively Japanese vintage-inspired elements and built to perform well in just under any weather condition. The 100 meters of water resistance is for real and not to just sweeten your ears. It makes the Citizen Chronograph AN3400-58E AN3400-58 Mens Watch suitable for your weekends also, for the water park or for recreational swimming and snorkelling. The luminous hands glow bright in darkness, both above and under water. The long and curved, slit date window is a nice aesthetic touch to the dial design, with the current date marked by an arrow tip.

But we haven’t yet spoken about the case and the crystal. The case – since the Citizen Chronograph AN3400-58E AN3400-58 Mens Watch is meant to be a work-wear – has been kept slender and the 316L surgical steel is a super smooth material that never stops the cuffs from sliding up or down. Yet, it is and appears brawny; it’s the magic of Citizen’s engineering; together with the thick, solid bracelet, it poses a mesmerizing view.

The solidity of the steel also shows through the feel delivered by the crowns, the crown-guards and the pushers of the 60-minutes chronograph measuring in 1-second interval. Their feedbacks are firm, pleasing and confident.

The flat mineral crystal fixes seamlessly to the watch case under the fixed bezel with markings for every five minutes etched to it, which ensures, just no amounts of water can fade it away. It is a strong and sturdy piece of metal that holds the crystal and also protects it from sudden impacts caused by drops – even from great heights. The polished case-back bears the standard Citizen logo in a light etching, with stats engraved along its periphery.

With all that said, the Citizen Aviator Eco-Drive AN3400-58E AN3400-58 Mens Watch boils down to a good old, traditional, quartz chronograph that’s impeccably accurate in its every aspect. It is a rarity that scores high among the rest in the Citizen stable.

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Diesel Overflow Chronograph Black Dial Black Leather DZ4297 Mens WatchThe Diesel Overflow Chronograph Black Dial Black Leather DZ4297 Mens Watch is not for you if you are driven by trends. Create one anew instead, for its distinctive look and unique voice urges you to make personal styles move forward.

Perhaps the most prominent one from the Timeframes collection, the Diesel Overflow Chronograph Black Dial Black Leather DZ4297 Mens Watch is a reflection of its wearer’s confident and assertive nature. Even those who are averse to everything that are large, loud and blatant have developed a penchant for it and you end up being never afraid of colours again! Following the rules – even in the realms of casual watch design – has never been the bran’s forte; instead, it grows in you the preference to blaze some new grounds.

The Diesel Overflow Chronograph Black Dial Black Leather DZ4297 Mens Watch, with its brilliant gold shade and contrasting hints of black screams LUXURY on your face. The gold-tone Overflow chronograph delivers just one message - loud and clear – and that is: If you are not into the larger side of life - Stay Away! But you can’t do that for long, for the Diesel Overflow Chronograph Black Dial Black Leather DZ4297 Mens Watch makes you develop the preference. The spirit of the Diesel Overflow Chronograph Black Dial Black Leather DZ4297 Mens Watch then makes you dazzle the dance floors with the kind of flamboyance you need to celebrate being fashion-forward in the most innovative of ways!

The Diesel Overflow Chronograph Black Dial Black Leather DZ4297 Mens Watch is an astounding piece with its oversized crown and pushers; the finish and plating on them is impeccable too! That’s extra prominence to the piece, heightened even more by its bold style, adding to the whole package a versatile twist! Its eye-catching combination of tones comes alive under the mirror-balls, strobes and laser and that’s not just in terms of glitters. Agreed that the sudden, sharp flashes reflect with magnified intensities from its surface, but that’s without affecting its consistently varying gleam. And that’s because it’s a product created so well!

The Diesel Rollcage Black Dial Black Leather DZ4297 Mens Watch is built to be bold and rebellious and also for the bold and rebellious. If you are shy to flaunt your possessions, the Diesel Overflow Chronograph Black Dial Black Leather DZ4297 Mens Watchis surely not for you. But then again, it’s going to make you flaunt overtly within no time, for we almost always enjoy the envious glares from others.

Additional features for the Diesel Machinus Black Dial Black Leather DZ4297 Mens Watch include a 24-hour indicator, so you are never lost for stating the military time. Dress differently this weekend and bring out what you’ve got in the oranges and the browns!
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Movado is not a brand that allures the average watch lover. But to those who know about the brand – especially its Museum line - will capture the essence right away! The Movado Museum Sport Chronograph Swiss Made Quartz 0606545 Mens Watch is a unique piece; as unique as the boss with a sporty attitude!

Only a few watches get you rather excited to show it off to the rest; the Movado Museum Sport Chronograph Swiss Made Quartz 0606545 Mens Watch is one. Even a quick look at it tells you something is vastly different and the credit goes to the blank dial with the silver dot at 12 – the hallmark of the Movado Museum line.

The name Museum itself instantly puts to the mind a kind of refinement not seen in others. Black and polished are its primary aspects other than the dial, yet it still manages to keep its foot firmly in the sports category, without deviating from its classical demeanour. That, for sure, takes it up a step in the functionality department but without making it lose even an inch in the stealth department. At 44mm, the entirely steel construction is surprisingly light, just making you feel its presence on your wrist.

The Movado Sapphire Synergy Chronograph Swiss Made Quartz 0606545 Mens Watch is a split-seconds chronograph. That means, it can split a second into a tenth of it, which makes it a stopwatch capable of noting the passage of time at a pro-level. It’s a less common feature among classic, moderately expensive watches and is definitely a scoring point for this particular model from Movado. Another uncommon part to this watch is the sub-seconds dial at the 3 o’clock position.

If you ever had a fascination about dauphine (French-styled) hands in a sporty construction, the Movado Museum Sport Chronograph Swiss Made Quartz 0606545 Mens Watch brings it to you. And it’s all topped by a flat sapphire crystal! The whole representation is a buttoned-up version of an old classic but with the modern touch of a 30m water resistance rating, which is roughly equivalent to 150 feet. That for sure is going to suffice for all your recreational needs. It’s not something that you may call stupendous, but its protective enough for the occasional dip in the pool or in a rainstorm.

The Movado Bela Sport Chronograph Swiss Made Quartz 0606545 Mens Watch is definitely in the luxury side of the quartz watch spectrum. If you are in love with Swiss watches minus the hassles of regular maintenances, the Movado Museum Sport Chronograph Swiss Made Quartz 0606545 Mens Watch will be right up your alley. There are not too many compelling combinations of understated styles and functionalities in the affordably luxurious Swiss domains, so make the hay while the Sun shines!

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Omega Seamaster Professionl Chronometer 300M Men’s WatchOmega did a great job introducing the Seamaster without changing its iconic status! Now, the Omega Seamaster Professionl Chronometer 300M Men’s Watch is just better watch with its classic looks intact!

The Omega Seamaster Pro is considered to be a truly iconic watch for its own merits and not because James Bond wore it on the big screen! The 2012 Omega Seamaster Professionl Chronometer 300M Men’s Watch is an updated version of the earlier Seamaster; its ceramic bezel insert and a plain, lacquered dial being its major aesthetic highlights

The world lovingly calls the Omega Seamaster Professionl Chronometer 300M Men’s Watch the blue three-hander and there’s a reason behind. The ‘blue’ is unlike any other ‘blue’-s the watch world has ever seen; if you know how a freshly waxed blue car looks, you’ll get the idea. It’s subtle and deep; miles apart from the bright and distracting shades of blues that often make you feel uncomfortable in social and professional settings.

The closest comparison to the Omega Seamaster Chronometer Chronometer 300M Men’s Watch is an elegant tank. That’s no doubt due to its heft, but the elegance comes solely from the alternating brushed and polished surfaces. The watch also has perhaps the smoothest operations among the screw-in crown types than any other dive watches available and even if you are just a desk diver, the Helium-escape valve shall add some extra oomph into the mix.

The unidirectional rotating bezel comes with a ceramic insert. It’s a nice, healthy dose of bling along with the domed, anti-reflective sapphire crystal. It is invisible i.e. it doesn’t give of reflections and allows looking straight into the lacquered dial, about which we spoke earlier. What we didn’t mention is the deep blue changes its shade to an extent depending on the angle from which you are viewing it. It’s a real pleasure to see the flat blue changing into an ocean of liquid blue; even the date window reveals a dark blue background that blends with the dial. The blue-lumed markers and green-lumed skeleton hands and a bezel pip are also new additions and break the monotony of being green throughout.

The case-back engravings are something to behold! Here, you’ll find the trademark Omega Sea-Dragon, covering a modified ETA 2892 movement that Omega calls a Calibre 2500. The modification is by Omega, which is, the addition of Omega’s co-axial escapement technology that makes it a COSC-certified chronometer. Beating at 25,200 bph or 7 beats per second, it has a longer stride than other ETA movements.

The bracelet on the Omega De Ville Professionl Chronometer 300M Men’s Watch uses screw-pins; not pushpins with collars, which makes adjustments easier. The clasp and pushbutton assembly are also different from the older Seamaster versions; smooth, shiny and finely crafted to perfection.  No doubt, it’s a job well done!

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Invicta Aviator Chronograph Quartz 17205 Men’s WatchThere’s a little need-for-speed in every one of us. Admit it or not, the lookout for aviator chronographs tells the real story. Fast navigations during rush hours (though it’s wrong to do so) is something we all have tried at some point in our lives; we only wished a vast, open space ahead. Invicta also seems to know that and builds a watch for the times when speed is a criterion – as in Grand Prix! Even as ne among the spectators, you can experience it fully. The pilot’s watch is, therefore; more of a popular style nowadays along divers; Invicta rises a flight above and makes a fighter pilot’s watch.

By pilot’s watch, we mean not only a distinction in appearance but also with functions. Beside the oversized winding crowns, Arabic numeral markers and propeller-shaped hands, there are functional intricacies that accompanied the Luftwaffe Fliegers as much as RAF aces and the Top Gun hot-shots. Features like crystals that withstand sudden drops in pressure, anti-magnetic movements and useful complications, like a chronograph. It comes to use both back-deck and the flight deck.

The Invicta Aviator Chronograph Quartz 17205 Men’s Watch catches attention primarily for all of its aspects. It’s got a nice, solid feel, a rich colouring and more exaggerated than rest details and accents. The mix of elements makes the watch-face very eye catching. The contrast in colours is very subtle, yet succeeds in presenting every part of the dial in a very prominent way.

The Invicta Aviator Chronograph Quartz 17205 Men’s Watch is unique in its own way. It accomplishes a harmony; a marriage between functionality and style. Safe till 300 feet down under water, its chronograph and tachymeter combo along with direction reading abilities makes it useful both in water and the sky. And also partly for times when you’re on land!

A solid build makes the Invicta Pro Diver Automatic Chronograph Quartz 17205 Men’s Watch a must-have for any collection that’s built around the word: Sports. Maybe even this is the last one you need to round it off! And oh; its 18K gold plating gives it a free access even to some of the most formal zones. Mastering the skies no more stays a word just to go by!

The Invicta Professional Chronograph Quartz 17205 Men’s Watch packs in a Hattori Calibre VD57 - which is essentially a Seiko – to go with its cool attitude showcasing a daring spirit. You can take flight in the sleek, sharp and sophisticated domain with this one. The nice bevel effect plays a large role in that; it also adds depth to the watch face. The crown and the two pushers are simply awesome; smooth and soft enough to let you feel the heat right from the start!

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Stuhrling Original Aviator Swiss Quartz Camouflage Canvas 141C.02 Mens WatchThe Stuhrling Aviator follows a minimalistic but vibrant design and makes less to appear more! There’s just something charming about reductivism that makes you prefer it than other watches in its category, especially among those available in black. Resilient, reliable, classy and easy-to-read, you get to trust its mettles once you take it out from the ordinary ways life flows.

It is very hard to pick a watch that would go well with any kind of semi-formal – or in that case, semi-informal – outfit. Then stays involved also the price factor; it is hard to come by a Swiss watch that sports a good design, quality materials and a quality build within the low price range. Then, it is the about the precision and reliability and lastly, the value for money. All these could sum up to force you into a dubious play but thanks to this enormous watch market that pieces like the Stuhrling Original Atrium Swiss Quartz Camouflage Canvas 141C.02 Mens Watch exist.

The biggest USP of the c is its extremely well readability factor facilitated greatly by the dark grey and yellow colour combination of the dial – in fact, it’s the brightest at the centre while kind of fading out smoothly as you shift your glance to the bezel, the case and finally, the strap. It all has a yellow – somewhere between bright and mildly-bright or maybe, pale – overtone to it while the grey case-coating maintains parity with the dark patches on the camo band. The whole package looks very smart, with absolutely no weakness for complexities, which is its prime idea. Won’t you like a person whose mere appearance is enough to cite him/her as intelligent instead of him/her flaunting it deliberately? This is the bright, modern version of that intelligence!

The case of the Stuhrling Original Divers Swiss Quartz Camouflage Canvas 141C.02 Mens Watch is made from black-coated stainless steel measuring 43 millimetres across; 47mm with the well-notched, tapering-out crown. It stands at 10mm, top to bottom. The gray dial is nothing that you may call extraordinary, except; perhaps the curved edges that tuck the Krysterna crystal in. But the layout gives it its magic! Starting from the minute and hourly markings to the hands that start grey but burst to yellow almost immediately, it is well rounded off with the tiny date-porthole. It gives you a clear reading of the date but doesn’t stand stark looking at your face all the time. Its littleness is easy enough to be ignored when you don’t want it. It’s safe enough to be carried 100 feet or a little more than that under water, but while you can take it to swimming and snorkelling, never try going SCUBA or anything more with it. There’s no point in killing a beautiful watch!
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Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer 300M Men’s WatchAlmost 70 years back, a legend was born. The Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer, since then, has evolved into a dressier, sportier watch; turning increasingly elegant with the passing years. Today, it goes as much with a suit as well as your weekend hiking boots and cargo shorts, making a true divers’ watch establish its reign on an urban territory. Courtesy: the 41 mm case diameter.

The Omega Seamaster Pro is one among the truly iconic pieces to find a permanent place in a serious watch collection. Omega upgraded the Seamaster a couple of years back and practically, every single upgrade turned the watch better than its predecessor.

There are only three things from the past that exist in the current Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer 300M Men’s Watch - a performance far beyond the capacities of the testing devices; a highly water-resistant crystal and crown and an iconic Seahorse on the case-back. Apart from that, nothing is common between the old and the new Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer 300M Men’s Watch.

The newer version of OMEGA Seamaster 300 M Chronometer boasts of a distinctive polished and brushed finish over the stainless steel. The anti-reflective, domed sapphire crystal is entirely scratch-resistant. Inside the case is OMEGA’s calibre 2500 self-winding mechanical movement, which gained both prominence and high-performance grades due to the revolutionary Co-Axial Escapement mechanism. The Co-Axial mechanism reduces friction between the moving parts, which translates into better accuracy in the long run, keeping its chronometer certification intact.  

The Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer 300M Men’s Watch houses everything considered essential by professional divers. Among these, the unidirectional rotating bezel and the helium escape valve need to be mentioned first and while no desk diver or weekend party animal will feel the need of using the latter (the valve allows accumulated helium atoms from saturation diving to escape during decompression), the rotating bezel can be used to set the span of your every activity; from keeping track of the ticking of the parking meter to counting the minutes for moist heat cooking.  The white, Super-LumiNova filled hands are essential to read time in darkness; it doesn’t matter if you are in the bed, in the wilderness or several hundred feet under water. The screw-in case back and crown ensure a massive water resistance. It has been built to allure the diver but its seduction powers go well beyond that. The Omega De Ville Prestige Co-Axial Professional Chronometer 300M Men’s Watch fascinates everyone looking for something that’s rare and also state-of-the-art!

Now, this is the standard bezel version of the SeaMaster and not ceramics, which helps to keep the price lower. It also imparts the watch a clean look and gives it an excellent value. The watch owes its clean look also to the removal of the wave patterns on the dial and instead, brings a solid, glossy finish that has more access to both urban and professional sides of life.
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Tag Heuer Aquaracer WatchIt’s pretty hard to believe that the WAN2110 is one of Tag Heuer’s entry level automatic divers! The recently refreshed Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 5 Automatic watch retains the classic good looks of a dive watch without breaking modesty. There’s nothing vain or conceited about this model and they blend perfectly to the reserved background of a dressy styling. It is understated but it can’t be ignored. The WAN2110 is a part of the new line of refreshed Aquaracer-s and is arguably, the most appealing of all the TAG dive watches.

The Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 5 Automatic 300M WAN2110.BA0822 Men’s Watch, stylistically, falls into the dress/diver category and it can be said that TAG has managed to master it. It appeals to anyone who is on t he lookout for an aesthetically versatile, rugged timepiece that he can wear with a pair of jeans as well as a suit. Its biggest plus point, aesthetically is, it’s thin enough to fit under the cuff while large enough to announce its presence. It’s not ostentatious but just exhibits a simple styling statement luxuriously.

The Aquaracer 2110 comes with a screw-down crown and a wetsuit extension for its bracelet. With a 41.5 mm case (with polished sides) and a 20mm lug spacing, its case - along with the bezel and sapphire crystal - stacks up to a mere 12mm thickness! For any existing sports watch, this is more than being very thin, comparatively. This is what that makes the Aquaracer double-up as a dress watch too. Add to it the contribution of the slightly curved lugs; they ensure an excellent fit and gives totality to the watch.

The Aquaracer 2110 has a unidirectional bezel, which is both light and sturdy and clicks 120 times upon a full rotation. The grip on the bezel is excellent, facilitated by six evenly-spaced grip tabs along the edge. However, under dry conditions, the serrations between the tabs of the bezel are good enough. At 12 o’clock, the bezel has a luminous pip that’s completely in-laid, unlike many other watches using the stick-on dot. The advantage is it cannot turn loose and get knocked-off.

The Aquaracer’s dial is simple one but nevertheless beautiful. It has a glass-like finish with printed text and inlaid markers with beautiful chrome borders. There’s a classy, inner circle bordering the markers and the indices, which glimmers when light hits the dial. In terms of aesthetics, this little element makes a H-U-G-E difference! So does the thin white border of the date window; it keeps the visuals from turning bland but gels with the rest of the elements to bring in a complete look. The long hands are elegant (in short) and blend into the dial, bringing the perfect balance for enhanced visuals. Topped with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, there’s no chance you’ll be missing out even on a single dot!

Inside the WAN2110, beats the Calibre 5, which is essentially an ETA 2824-2 (sometimes, a Sellita SW200) that has been dressed up by Tag to more than a fair bit. It keeps excellent time, fluctuating to only about +2 seconds on an average every week! That makes the Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300M Automatic 300M WAN2110.BA0822 Men’s Watch one of the most accurate automatics ever in the entry-level category!
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