Orient Automatic Multi Year Calendar 100M FEU0700CFH Mens Watch

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Orient Automatic Multi Year Calendar 100M FEU0700CFH Mens WatchThe Orient Automatic Multi Year Calendar 100M FEU0700CFH Mens Watch is one of those timepieces that are pretty close to being exotic. It puts an end to the days of fumbling over dates and days and the best part is, it sets itself to odd months and leap years till 2024! But that doesn’t mean it becomes obsolete or defunct from 2025. All you then need to is referring an actual calendar when setting the watch for the month.

The automatic date and time keeping across multiple years is not an exclusive feature. There are many that do it; however, when it comes to finding out a specific date or day in a specific year, there’s not another that presents the sequence like this, laid on a platter. The Orient Automatic Multi Year Calendar 100M FEU0700CFH Mens Watch brings you a very practical function in a watch than just telling the time and the date.

It’s been quite some time Orient got into making the multi-year type calendar watches. It is the signature-type pieces from Orient and this one comes with something extra - a slide rule.

The construction and finish of the Orient Automatic Multi Year Calendar 100M FEU0700CFH Mens Watch doesn’t require to be told. The shine and the fluid dynamics are all visible by themselves. The grooves on the crowns, the solidity of the pusher and the crown guard – all speak for themselves. It is still a mystery how Orient manages to keep things so well-done at such low prices!

The pusher at the 2 o’clock position sets the multi-year calendar. The crown at the 3 o’clock position screws-in and locks. You set the date and time with it, at the first-click and at the second-click positions, respectively. With the 4’o clock crown, you rotate the slide rule.

The seven vertical columns at the top of the dial show the months from January to December. The columns got a year disc shat shows from 2003 to 2024. The calendar is set by pressing the pusher at the 2 o’clock. The last two digits of the year are set first and then aligned to the column with the name of the month you want. Leap years are printed in red.

The bottom part of the dial shows another seven columns, containing the dates from 1st to 31st. The arrangement is more like standard calendars. The days-disk is at the top of the columns. Pressing the pusher rotates both the year and day discs.

Some might call the Orient Automatic Open Heart Calendar 100M FEU0700CFH Mens Watch featuring a rather busy-looking dial, but at 44mm, it doesn’t overfill. It has a fully inhouse-built automatic movement with a sapphire crystal – the two most-sought features in the watch-world. The screw-down crown and case back are another two, plus, it is safe to take it down to more than 250 feet under water.

Whoever searching for an exotic automatic watch with useful functions should own the Orient Automatic Flight Multi Year Calendar 100M FEU0700CFH Mens Watch. It comes at a very compelling price-to-feature ratio and is definitely a different addition to any old watch box.

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