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Hamilton Automatic Khaki X-Wind Chronograph H77616133 Mens Watch
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Hamilton Automatic Khaki X-WindThe Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Automatic scores higher than other aviation or pilot watches with its built-in drift-angle calculator. So far, it is the first watch in the world to enable pilots calculate accurately and record the crosswinds to be encountered on a planned journey. It’s also a rugged piece for land adventures with a chronograph that is sure to turn heads. Both the chronograph and the drift-wind calculator come especially helpful in flights.

Now, a bit on the drift-angle calculator. It is operated by two crowns and consists of rotating bezels (upper and lower), around the dial’s perimeter. The crown at 4 o’clock rotates the upper bezel (to the desired wind direction) to determine the correct bearing, along with other variables (speed, magnetic bearing and crosswind component) taken under consideration. The 2 o’clock crown rotates the lower bezel to the correct bearing.

Though Hamilton comes under the Swiss behemoth Swatch, but its American spirit and heritage is more prominent in its existence. The Hamilton Jazzmaster Automatic Chronograph H77616133 Mens Watch is a part of the brand’s collection of pilot's watches and has a particularly industrial look to it. It’s the multi-level dial that’s responsible; the two-tone brushed metal detailing also playing its part. The chronograph registers feature stylized metal overlays, with intricate detailing around the day and date windows. Apart from legibility, it gives the watch a distinctive style, which suits well its very busy dial with the Drift Angle Calculator scale on it. It’s extremely detailed, so that you can measure time intervals with a precision of the first degree.

The Hamilton Khaki Automatic chucks out the run-of-the-mill chronograph totalizing dial and replaces it with an attractive indicator, styled after aircraft gauges. They are neat, open-worked and brushed with a complex-looking decorative plate adding contrast to the matte black background. The sub-dials, thus receive very much of a three-dimensional appearance. This 3D-effect is further emphasized with one more machine-brushed plate that has the appearance of sitting slightly lower on the matte black dial. To tell in a short and simple way, everything is nicely executed and it gives the watch its extra mojo. That helps the timekeeper stand out as a classic from the rest of the pilots’ chronographs.

Instead of an ETA Valjoux 7750 mechanism, the Hamilton Khaki Pilot Automatic houses a Caliber H-21 automatic chronograph movement. This redecorated version of the industry work-horse movement is found in more expensive watches and therefore, qualifies as a rarity in this case. It’s robust; it’s reliable and is an incredibly energy-efficient movement that’s easy to service and repair and goes for 60 hours with a full power-reserve. That saves a lot of re-setting efforts when you got other important agendas to attend.
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